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ristyle photography

Photography is the art of light. Is the art of sight. The art of moment. The art to remember. The istant captured image has not as value as it has when time passes away. Photos are like wine, more time go away more they take value. Time after time they are better, are memorable, are plently of emotions. Photography put you on the time macchine and make you travel, very fast, between the clouds and they bring you to relax, to think. All this only seeing a photograph.

kalaja e Bashtoves - ristyle photography
Kalaja e Vile-Bashtoves eshte nje kala e ndertuar ne fushe me siperfaqe 60 me 90 metra dhe nje lartesi prej 9 metrash. Kjo kala mendohet se ka dhe dy here nen te lartesine qe shihet sot. Ajo ndodhet afer grykederdhjes se lumit Shkumbin dhe Afer bregut te detit Adriatik. Kjo kala ndodhet ne fshatin Vile-Bashtove te komunes Gose te rrethit te Kavajes.
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