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sazan albania visit ecaty vlore

sazan albania visit ecaty vlore

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The name of the island of Sazan is mentioned since ancient times, starting from the VI century p.e.s. named SASON.

During the Middle Ages the island passed into Venetian possession. In modern times along with the Ionian Islands of Greece it was conquered by England.

During the Balkan Wars, Greece occupied the island. The decisions of the Conference of Ambassadors in London in 1913 forced him to withdraw from Sazani.

During World War I the island was occupied by Italy. The war of Vlora in 1920 made it possible for them to withdraw from Vlora, but they still kept Sazani under rule, until 1943, when Albania was occupied by the German Nazis. On October 21, 1944 the island was liberated by the Albanian National Liberation Army and since then it is part of the integrity and sovereignty of the Albanian state.

During the Cold War, Sazani, together with the Pasha Limani naval base in Orikum, Vlora, became one of the key points of the Soviet and Albanian Red Army in the Mediterranean. From the time of Julius Caesar until the Second World War, a number of naval battles took place on the coast around the Gulf of Vlora, as a result of which several ships were sunk.


A part of underwater relics such as amphorae and other objects have been recovered by Albanian archaeologists and are exhibited in the National Historical Museum and the Archaeological Museum in Durrës. During the Cold War, the island of Sazan served as a naval military base where mainly cruise ships, coastal artillery, etc. were stationed.

During that period the island was inhabited by about 10 thousand inhabitants who were mostly relatives of the officers serving on the island.

During the Cold War, the island of Sazan together with the bay of Vlora were considered the most difficult front for the People’s Army in case of war.

For this reason the people serving on the island received special treatment from the government of that time.

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