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  • Andrei Bart – one of best videographers!

    Andrei Bart Studio offers Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production services in the New York City Metropolitan area. Music Videos, Short Films, Commercials, Documentary, Wedding Cinematography and more He is one of best videographers, with a his own style of making video. Has a good immagination and trasform it into a real performing videography work. here you […]

  • Photography the art of.

    Photography the art of.

    Photography is the art of light. Is the art of sight. The art of moment. The art to remember. The istant captured image has not as value as it has when time passes away. Photos are like wine, more time go away more they take value. Time after time they are better, are memorable, are […]

  • A real life photo

    Description Ioan is a 85 years old solitary man living up in the mountains. I’ve met him last year during a trip. This year I ‘ve returned and found him in the same state of energy. He has 2 sheeps, a goat, some chikens, 2 dogs and a horse. His most precious things are a […]

  • Autumn

    Welcome to ECATY.COM. I’d like to share with you this photograph. A leaf in autumn. Millions, miliards, billions of these leafs fall down in this season. Starting this way the end of a year cycle or better start sleeping of nature. This action makes possible then the renew of the nature. These leafs falling down […]