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Agritourism is the emphasize of a place, country, uses and traditons of a specified place. Rural places and the rural life is becoming the new Gold-reinvented. People lived before in suffering for only a piece of bread to feed children and then themselves both of they with scraps of food. 

The suffer makes people ask for more, fight for more, dream for more.

…but only if family coach is leading his/her family with humilty, courage, respect and love within them, then they will grow, will make everything by those ideals of life living. Respect to be respected, love to be loved, use courage to obtain, use humilty in your being ….and all it comes out from it is beautiful and respectable.

These are qualities that are asked in his doing of someone who want to start an agritourism for showing people what they like eating and that they are offering to eat, what they like sporting and that they offer for sporting, what they like relaxing and that they are offering for relax, how they concept life in nature and they show it to you.

Agritourism is made with a great force of showing others what You love and if it  success, then it means You are showing rigtht things, right doings and a healthy life, andventure and relax living.

…also you are showing your style of living and that style is OK.

Altin, the owner of Mrizi i Zanave is doing it right and if you want to know more just click here to follow them on facebook

or their website page click here

<in Albanian> Nese deshironi te ndiqni nje video frymezuese klikoni butonin play ne vijim.

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