Butrint in Albania – Top 10 national parks in Europe suggested by :theguardian:

Butrint in Albania – Top 10 national parks in Europe suggested by :theguardian:

Butrint – Albania a must to visit place. It is ranket to the ten “must visit”  or better ”

Top 10 national parks in Europe

Butrint is among these top ten list of nation parks to visit in Europe, and we suggest it too. You’ll feel the archeologic place merged with the green of nature and you will Thank God for having take you there. Other points in favor on visiting Butrinti, are the special taste food they serve there and the limpid sea in road side ongoing to there.

So take in consideration you’ll have very great time and will feel very happy and stressfree.

“Very few visitors, and stunning ancient Greek, Roman, Frankish and Ottoman remains,” is what led ID4690527 to suggest the Butrint national park in Albania. In the south-west of the country, it is a must-see for fans of ancient history; it boasts a number of significant archaeological sites and is considered a “microcosm of Albanian history”.


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